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Little Creek Farm - established 1994

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100% Grass-fed beef and Pastured Pork direct from the farm to you! Individual cuts, mixed eighths, quarters, sides available. Home deliveries monthly Sept-Feb.(or while supplies last) in southern WI from LaCrosse to Milwaukee or on farm sales by appointment. Providing a healthy, stress-free life for the animals is a top priority. We reap the benefits, too as we enjoy and appreciate the entire life cycle that we participate in. No drugs, hormones or chemicals used in raising this LEAN yet TENDER, flavorful beef from pasture-bred and raised Texas Longhorns and Scottish Highlanders. These ancient heritage breeds are naturally hardy, disease resistant and well-adapted to the hilly terrain, climate and variety of forage found here in the Kickapoo Valley of SW Wisconsin. Their muscle fiber and fat storage differ from other, more common breeds of beef cattle that require "finishing" on grain. Longhorns and Highlanders efficiently turn a pasture diet into delicious, healthy meat high in CLA's and Omega-3's (the "GOOD" fats). I employ rotational grazing thru at least 3 seasons to protect the land and keep the herd healthier. Calves stay with their mothers, nursing as nature intended which bolsters their immunity and reduces stress. Because the animals are good-natured and never over-crowded, their beautiful horns are allowed to grow. In winter I feed certified organic hay and pasture forage as the weather allows. All year the herd has natural mineral and kelp supplements, clear spring water, open air and access to shelter from severe weather. Hogs are purchased as young feeders from a neighboring farm and raised on mixed clover/grass pasture with plenty of room to roam and wallow in the mud. They have shelter from the sun and weather as they choose. In addition to pasture forages, they get a mixed diet of organic garden refuse, certified organic grain and certified organic dairy products. Meat is processed at a local, family-owned, state-inspected and licensed facility. The cuts are double-wrapped in convenient sized portions, labeled and quick-frozen. Plan to buy in bulk, if possible, to save money and ensure your family's year-round supply of healthy meats. It is best to butcher grass-fed animals in the fall of the year as the pasture season winds down because their CLA and Omega-3 content is greatest at this time. Supplies are limited since our herd size is small.
Days / Hours of Operation:
Monthly home deliveries in southern WI or on farm sales by appointment only. Please call 608-625-2904
Driving Directions:
Please call to arrange a farm visit and receive directions.  
Located at: Phone/Fax
E13831 Compton Rd.  Toll Free: 
LaFarge, WI 54639 Local: 608-625-2904
Vernon county Fax: 
(Map/Driving Directions) 
Visit our website at http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M5580
Contact us via email at karenherm@yahoo.com
Upcoming Events:
Next scheduled deliveries to Madison/Milwaukee: Sept. 12 and then monthly through the fall and winter.
Markets Served:
Sales Methods:
On Farm Sales, Delivery
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